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How to Raise Prices Without Losing Customers

You’ve been tracking your numbers regularly, and you know it's time to raise prices. Follow these five do’s and don’ts to raise prices without losing customers. Read more


How to Train New Managers

Excelling at a job doesn't automatically mean you'll excel at supervising others. If you expect new managers to succeed, make sure they understand these skills. Read more


The New Rules of Press Releases

The sheer number of journalists and bloggers looking for interesting material to cover means there’s more opportunity than ever to put your business in the spotlight. Read more


Best Practices for Starting a Global Business

To increase your chances of global success, follow these simple best practices to start and grow your small business. Read more


How Networking Can Help You Get Your Startup off the Ground

You may think of networking as something you'll do after your business is successful. But networking during planning / startup can make launching much easier. Read more


7 Tips for Making a Business Partnership Work

Just like marriages, business partnerships often run into rough waters. To ensure your partnership stays on course, follow these tips. Read more


What Is a Franchise and Should You Buy One?

Is buying a franchise right for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to ensure making a smart decision. Read more


Choosing the Right Location for Your New Business

Besides cost concerns, answer these questions before you put down a deposit on the best location for your small business. Read more


Should You Hire Family Members to Work in Your Startup?

There are several advantages and potential risks with hiring family members for your startup business. Should you hire family? Read more


Are You Ready for Venture Capital?

While venture capital gets a lot of attention in the media, it's not necessarily the best financing strategy for every growing business. Read more


Customer Service: Small Business, Big Advantage

Small businesses have a big advantage when it comes to customer service. As the business owner, you can develop personal relationships with customers in a way giant corporations... Read more