How SCORE helped. 

The relationship between SCORE and Corenco, Inc. of Santa Rosa, initially began about 30 years ago when the
company's founder was looking for business advice on expanding sales.

More recently Corencos Vice President of Sales & Marketing Neil Gorsuch had contacted SCORE as "the company was
in the midst of a dark, dark time." Neil said the fact that SCORE offers its business counseling services at no charge was
an important factor. 'We were not in the position at the time that we could pay for help," he said.

At first, John Baillie from SCORE focused on "basic stuff: where we we've been, where we are now, and where we're
going." He said they worked on a business plan, set realistic expectations, and identified how they could execute on the

"It's very important to have another set of eyes to look at everything. We were stuck with tunnel vision," Neil said.

Since those initial meetings two years ago with John, Corenco has not only turned around its business, Neil said they're
thriving. "And I definitely give John and SCORE a lot of credit."

Most recently, John brought one of SCOREs marketing experts to work with Corenco, which Neil said was also helpful.
He said he's looking forward to many more years of working together with SCORE.

Corenco, Inc.