How SCORE helped. 

The Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce initially recommended SCORE to Kevin.  His primary interest was to learn how to write a business plan for his framing company: Devine Frames.  He attended the full-day How to Developing a Business Plan workshop. "I loved it," he said.
"I learned a lot about what I should not do. The timeline portion was very helpful, when I looked at my plans, I needed to be more realistic," he said.
Kevin said that he really liked meeting the other attendees at the workshop. "I enjoyed talking to the other people and hearing what they're doing, their opinions and sharing experiences," he said. Kevin added that the class was easy-to-understand, had a very organized presentation, and flowed smoothly.
Kevin also went to the follow-up class to present his business plan to the SCORE instructors.  "I received some very worthwhile constructive criticism that helped me to improve the plan," he said.
"Overall, SCORE was very helpful," he said. "It's a cool thing to get free counseling.  I paid to have a management consultant, it was a couple of thousand dollars and SCORE was much better."

Devine Frames