How SCORE helped. 

When Serefina initially envisioned her idea of offering a healthier line of chicken nuggets, fingers and meatballs, she turned to the internet for research. One of her first discoveries was SCORE.  She signed up for the five-week class on How to Start a Business, which she credits for getting her business on the right track.
Her next step was to meet with SCORE Mentor Richard Adler, who helped her develop a business plan and financial projections. Serefina also credits Mr. Adler with asking her about the "end game" i.e. where she wants to take her business: To keep it forever or sell it someday?
"We decided we wanted to be acquired, which changed a lot of our thinking,  for example, we decided to co-pack the products instead of building a factory," Serefina said.
As a result, she said Hip Chick Farms went from an idea to a national organic chicken producer, which is sold in Safeway, Whole Foods and other grocery chains. "Starting a business is fraught with challenges.  But with SCORE’s help we cemented our vision, had perseverance and never gave up," she said.
She said she continues to work with SCORE as the company is looking at adding staff, and is asking for help with hiring, benefits, etc.

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