How SCORE helped. 

After the completion of his military career, Joe Meisch knew he needed help in transitioning to the business world. "SCORE was the first place I turned to," he said. Joe had created the Temple Massager, a stress relieving head massager, and wanted to build a business around his patented product.
"I met with SCORE and they set me straight, helping me to turn my vision into an action plan. They showed me how to develop a business plan and the financials," Joe said.
He said he had looked at working with business development groups or hiring a consultant, "but they don't care if you sink or swim."  He said SCORE is more invested in the community. "I discovered they're more inclined to help small businesses and care more about enriching the local economy," Joe said.
The Temple Massager continues to grow and Joe is also keen on giving back to the community. He said he's already given more than 1,400 massagers to the Armed Forces as a way of helping his fellow servicemen and women.

Meisch Temple Massager, Inc.