How SCORE helped. 

Regina's Heavenly Treats is the classic story of a passionate entrepreneur who starts with an idea - making delicious toffee - and turns it into a real business. It's been a labor of love, and to hear Regina describe the experience, you realize there has to be a lot of love as starting a business is full of challenges and pitfalls.   
     Fortunately, Regina had help along the way and she credits SCORE with providing significant advice and guidance to grow her business.  
     She said initially she worked on a business plan and cost analysis with her SCORE counselors. "We discussed the options of how to grow the business, manage costs and get funding, Regina said. "They also gave me great advice regarding the packaging to add more personal information on the labels."
     Regina has been making toffee for more than 25 years for the enjoyment of her family and friends. "A lot of people were asking me for my recipe so I knew they liked it," she said. She continued to work in a winery tasting room, making toffee on weekends and nights.
     After a local newspaper article in 2014, she decided to take the leap and upgraded her license to permit sales in retail stores. And recently, she made the decision to quit her part-time job and devote all her time to her toffee.
     The one constant on her journey has been SCORE, which she admits has never sugar-coated any advice. "They scared the hell out of me and convinced me to be more serious about my business," she said. "There's no way I could have spent money on the level of expertise and advice that I received from SCORE. It's been a wonderful experience and I'm very grateful to the organization."

Regena's Heavenly Treats