How SCORE helped. 

After discovering SCORE through an Internet search, Pietro Buttitta of Rosa d'Oro Vineyards was pleasantly surprised when he learned his counselor was also in the wine business. "It was nice because he knows what's going on in the industry," he said.
Pietro had sought out SCORE's assistance with the family winery to figure out ways to take it to the next level. He was told the first step would be to create a business plan. He said John helped significantly with the financials and three-year forecasts. "He explained what the banks want to see and guided me through the plan."
Pietro also attended the SCORE workshop, Finding Funding Sources. "I thought it was a good, general overview.  I liked that the instructor was very open to questions," he said. "I intend to go to other workshops and take advantage of the networking."
He said he also appreciated that the SCORE counseling was free, as the winery was working on a very tight budget and couldn't have afforded to pay for business consulting.

Rosa d'Oro Vineyards