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Exchange Bank From generation to generation, we invest in people, businesses, and the community to build a strong future. We want to be your bank, making a difference in the communities we serve, to create a better future for generations to come. Our core values are commitment, respect, integrity, and teamwork.

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BPM has a business model designed around our brand promise: Because People Matter. Your people and ours. We have a reputation for building lasting, personal client relationships because exceptional client service is deeply baked into our culture, processes, and values. Our accounting and tax professionals take a 360-degree view of the client experience—from initial contact to final deliverables to critical feedback.

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Share Exchange is a unique nexus of projects under one roof, created to jumpstart the new economy in San Francisco's North Bay region. If you've ever dreamed of starting a space to spark new collaborations and incubate new projects for community benefit, then read on. Shareable interviewed the founder of Share Exchange, Kelley Rajala, two and half years after opening to find out how their local economy experiments were progressing.

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Local Works: Social Purpose Corporation.


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