How SCORE helped. 

Jeane said SCORE initially had helped her when she owned and operated a large daycare center. After retiring, she called SCORE for assistance with her small hobby-business. "I didn’t really want to bother them, but I needed advice on hiring someone," she said.
After publishing two books, Jeane had become involved with the Redwood Writers Club. Her fellow authors were struggling with distribution of their books, so Jeane decided she would start a small distribution company with the goal of setting up book displays in all the independent coffee shops in Sonoma County.
"I called SCORE and I was amazed as two SCORE consultants showed up. I think one was just starting," she said. "They were really savvy. I brought in a lot of statistics and they helped me with financial planning."
"They sat with me for more than two hours and made a lot suggestions regarding how I should handle hiring an assistant," Jeane said.
More recently, Jeane said she continues to email her SCORE consultant with questions. "It's really nice to know you have someone out there to help me with my small-time business."

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