How SCORE helped. 

Rebecca’s path to becoming an entrepreneur began with the idea that she wanted to find a way to provide Sonoma County tourists "with unique, locally-made gift items, that were more interesting souvenirs than the typical 'Made in China' key chains."
 A gifted creative person with a solid sense of humor, Rebecca first started selling witty t-shirts for the holidays, such as the popular "I Believe in Santa...Rosa" shirts. Her next thought was to create a business around gnomes, (who are protectors of the earth), starting the Sonoma Gnome Company in 2013.
At this time she turned to SCORE, and began meeting with Counselor Dana Jacoby. "She was incredibly helpful as she made suggestions that I never would have thought of," Rebecca said. "I remember pausing after one idea and saying, Wow, what a concept!"
"It's great to have someone as a sounding board someone with decades of experience offering help. It's incredibly valuable," she said. "Dana was supportive, encouraging and positive in her comments and feedback to me. I have had the good fortune through SCORE of having my very own business mentor who has gone out of her way to listen and offer her perspective on my entrepreneurial anxieties and dreams."
Rebecca called SCORE a "gift to the community." Besides the one-on-one consulting, she said the workshops are extremely beneficial, especially for a start-up company.
"The classes are great for networking, as I met people who were very supportive and connected," she said. "As entrepreneurs, you often feel isolated.  The classes give you the opportunity to ask questions, get new insights and network."   
Rebecca said she also likes working with Dana because she is counseling a number of local sustainable businesses.  "She has the niche that’s showing the more hip, groovy side of SCORE."   
 She added that some people express concern that SCORE is filled with "old fuddy duddies." She sees SCORE as an incredible resource offering experienced business advice. "They're very consistent in what they offer: the advisors, classes and curriculum are extremely helpful,” she said. Rebecca’s bigger business vision involves a hospitality-based project, and she hopes that SCORE and mentor Dana Jacoby will be able to continue to assist her as she develops her concept. "It would be fantastic to achieve this lodging-based business goal with SCORE’s support!" 

Sonoma Gnome